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 Spider Man's opponent revealed (Show 1, Segment 3 of a Spider Man-Clairvoyant feud)

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PostSubject: Spider Man's opponent revealed (Show 1, Segment 3 of a Spider Man-Clairvoyant feud)   Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:25 pm

*Camera shows backstage where Spider Man is beeing approached by a reporter*

Reporter: "Spider Man, quick question please. You promised you will fight next week, but who will be your opponent?"

Spider Man: "GM hadn't make his decision yet. I hope to suggest someone to him"

Reporter: "And who would that be?"

Spider Man: "I don't want to talk about it when it's still not verified..."

*CM Punk Sub Champ approaches with his trophy rested on his arm*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "Well well, isn't that this brave, litlle Spider Man. Listen boy, I heard your pledge to the fans, and I must say I'm impressed. I'm impressed thath someone can be so dumb! Fans don't care about you! They will abandon you as soon as your leg will trip for the first time."

Spider Man: "You better take that back! No one talks like that about my fans!"

CM Punk Sub Champ: "Oh really? But I just did. And I can do it again."

Spider Man: "Stop right now, or else..."

*Clairvloyant setps between them with a smile on his face*

Clairvoyant: "Girls, girls, girls, calm down. There's no need for you two BFF's two fight. I just spoke to the GM and we agreed that Spider Man deserved a chance to justify his claim of being "The Best Damn Wrestler In The World". Since you interrupted my interview I decided I will share this information with you stright away. I looked inside my crystal ball and saw your next week opponent. In fact I think you will also be able to see it as well."

*Clairvoyant takes a crystal ball from his pocket and looks into it with Spider Man. Camera zooms and shows their faces through a ball, deformed by a glass.*

Clairvoyant: "You see? Next week it's you and me. And it will be magical. Trust me I know. I have crystal balls!"

*Clairvoyant walks away laughing. Camera fades*
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Spider Man's opponent revealed (Show 1, Segment 3 of a Spider Man-Clairvoyant feud)
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