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 Cm Punk Sub Champ interrupts a match between Clairvoyant and Spider Man

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PostSubject: Cm Punk Sub Champ interrupts a match between Clairvoyant and Spider Man   Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:50 pm

I would like to propose a match to start as a squash match, where I dominate Spider Man for a couple of minutes, but not ending a fight. It would be nice to edit in a pinfall that is interrupted not by Spider Man but by me raising his shoulder up.

After that CM Punk Sub Champ shows up at ringside distracting me and allowing Spider Man to gain a little momentum. However it ends sooner or later. By the end of a fight I would dropkick Spider Man making him fall down on ropes so his head is prone to outside attack. At that moment CM Punk Sub Champ uses his trophy to hit Spider Man in a skull, busting him open. Referee notices it and stops the match, making it no contest due to outside attack.

Paul Mitchell: "Have you seen what just happened? CM Punk Sub Champ knocked Spider Man out!"

Dexter Smith: "It wouldn't be such a surprise for you if you would listen to his backstage promise. He said he is going to do it sooner or later."

*CM Punk Sub Champ walks into the ring smiling, very happy about what he did. He want's to raise Clairvoyant's arm in victory. Clairvoyant however is not happy at all about what happened. He shouts at CM Punk Sub Champ, angry that he just got robbed of a easy victory. Clairvoyant pushes CM Punk Sub Champ away and leaves the ring infuriated. CM Punk Sub Champ is confused and leaves the ring chasing Clairvoyant.

Paul Mitchell: "Looks like CM Punk Sub Champ wanted to make friends with Clairvoyant but his plan totally backfired."

Dexter Smith: "Damn right it did. Now he have to enemies and no friends yet!"
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Cm Punk Sub Champ interrupts a match between Clairvoyant and Spider Man
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