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 Start for a possible feud between Spider Man and Clairvoyant

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PostSubject: Start for a possible feud between Spider Man and Clairvoyant   Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:05 am

*camera show a reporter backstage standing next to Clairvoyant*

Reporter: "Hello Everyone. This is Clairvoyant, new exciting signing here in Fatal Rulez Wrestling. He will be facing Tokki3 Ray later tonight in he's debut match. Clairvoyant, what are your thoughts?

Clairvoyant: "My thoughts are butterflies and jam"

Reporter: "What? I don't think I understand..."

Clairvoyant: "See? I knew you gonna say that! Because I'm Clairvoyant and I can predict future. Allow me to demonstrate."

*Clairvoyant takes a deck of Tarot cards from his pocket and shuffles them.*

Clairvoyant: "Pick five random cards."

Reporter: "Ok, but I must tell you I don't believe in things like that."

Clairvoyant: "Good for you, believing in it spoils the whole fun. Let's see what you've picked. We have a Tower, which is obviously this arena. Next is a Knight which is me of course. Third card is a thief, which is you because you steel souls of all of us using your camera. Fourth card is Festival which is a party I'm gonna throw after my victory. Final card is a... Village Idiot. Strange, I don't remember having that kind of a card."

*Spider Man steps into the camera view, notices Clairvoyant and the reporter and approaches them*

Spider Man: "Hello there, I'm Spider Man, The Best Damn Wrestler In The World. What's going on here, is that a magic show?"

Clairvoyant: "And now everything is clear. Listen boy, get lost, I'm having a moment here."

Spider Man: "Nobody talks like that to The Best Damn Wrestler In The World!"

Clairvoyant: "Don't push me kid, I promised Charlie Sheen I will control my anger."

Spider Man: "What the hell are you talking about, man? I'm here to prove to everyone I'm The Best Damn Wrestler In The World and you're standing in my way right now. Shut your smartass face and remeber this: I will dominate here!"

*Spider Man walks away. Clairvoyant looks at him with a smile on his face*

Clairvoyant: "Watching his dreams crush and burn will be very entertaining. But you know what they say, you can't spell slaughter without laughter.

*Camera fades*
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Start for a possible feud between Spider Man and Clairvoyant
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