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 Clairvoyant being called out by CPSC (show 3, segment 1)

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PostSubject: Clairvoyant being called out by CPSC (show 3, segment 1)   Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:24 am

*CM Punk Sub Champ music hits the arena. He shows up at the ramp and walks slowly to the ring, carrying his trophy on his shoulder as always. He is greeted by tremendous amount of boos from the audience that still remembers what he did to Spider Man last week. He seems not touched by all of this when he enters the ring and grabs the mic*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "I can tell you all remember what happened last week."

*Audience reacts with yet another amount of boos*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "To be honest, I don't care what you think of me or of my actions. I wanted to make an example of this fool and I did. And there is nothing anyone of you can do about it."

*Audience seems even more frustrated with CM Punk Sub Champ, trying to boo him out of the ring*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "You can boo all you want, I'm not going anywhere yet. This is my moment. However there is a scratch on a perfect mirror of my success. This scratch is Clairvoyant. He obviously disrespected me by rejecting a hand that was extended towards him. It was stupid, rude and uncalled for. However, as a great man, I am giving him one more chance to join me in taking over the FRW. I know you hear me, Clair, I know you're backstage. Come out here!"

*CM Punk Sub Champ waits for about half a minute, but to no avail. He seems frustrated by this situation*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "If you want to disrespect me even more it's your choice. If you're not coming to me, than I will come to you. And trust me, you can run but you cannot hide from CM Punk Sub Champ"

*CM Punk Sub Champ drops the mic and starts to leave the ring. Suddenly SPider Man's music hits and he shows up on the ramp. His head is covered with bandages. Crowd cheers him loudly*

SPider Man: "Stop where you are Punk, you're not going anywhere! Last week you brutally attacked me and you think you will get away with that? No can do Punky! I'd say you owe everyone an apology for your behavior, but since you're arrogant and ill tempered punk, I will have to smack some sense into you!"

CM Punk Sub Champ: "If you want a piece of me then come here and get some!"

*Crowd cheers Spider Man and chants his name. However he's not moving towards the ring.*

Spider Man: "As much as I would love to kick your ass right now, unfortunately due to your attack I'm not clear to fight this week. Next week however is another story. I already spoke to GM and he agrred to book a match for us. Next week it's you Punk and me, The Best Damn Wrestler In The World!"

*Crowd cheers Spider Man as he leaves the arena. CM Punk Sub Champ stands for a while in the ring, obviously angry about the whole situation. Finally he leaves the ring and goes backstage*
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Clairvoyant being called out by CPSC (show 3, segment 1)
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