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 Cm Punk Sub Champ ring introduction

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PostSubject: Cm Punk Sub Champ ring introduction   Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:46 am

The lights go out and fireworks sparkle down the sides of the entrance ramp, black smoke pops up from all four turnbuckles, Cm Punk Sub champ's music hits and he walks through the curtains. He walks slowly down the entrance ramp carrying a trophy of some sort, which is made of solid gold.

He enters the ring, and a mic is handed to him by one of the ring announcers, the fans don't know whether to cheer for him or boo him.

Cmpsc-Congratulations, i have arrived to FRW, this is where the action is! I'm a guy full of excitement and action. I was born, to train, train and win. (There are a mixed reaction of cheers and boos from the audience as they don't know what to make of him) I'm not really here to win titles, although, that would be a plus, i'm just here to break, legs, break arms, and break faces. Basically, i'm here to hurt people, wins and losses will come and go, but in the end, its all about me, its all about me being satisfied, knowing that i put you in pain!

The fans begin to boo him extremely loud, the sound of the boos are bouncing off of the walls of the building and the broadcasters at ringside can't hear themselves speaking to one another.

Cmpsc-You're booing me? You're booing me? Do you think i care about how you feel about me? Nobody knows me, but me!!! (He points to different areas of where the fans are sitting) You don't know me! You don't know me, and you certainly don't know me! And you're booing me? Hearing your boo, are boosting my ego, and bringing me pleasure. You people are like a tax free municipal bond, when you boo me, you meet my needs, when you boo me.

Cmpsc lifts his trophy high in the air with his other hand.

Cmpsc-Do you see this trophy? I got this trophy when i was 15 years old! Its a natural body building trophy, and i won my competition and my weight class when i was 170 pounds! I trained and ate properly, and i continued my bodybuilding training for a few more years, now i'm a wrestler and only weight train for the fun of it.

Cmpsc lowers the trophy with these final words

Cmpsc-So, i'm here in FRW, where the action is, to deliver pain to my opponents, and to make you people boo me and hate me. You hate me because of what i said, and i don't really care, because nobody knows me, but...me...

Smoke puffs up from all four turnbuckles and Cm Punk's Sub Champ's music hits and he leaves the ring, as the fans are booing him and are chanting the phrase, "Cm stinks! Cm stinks!"
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Cm Punk Sub Champ ring introduction
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