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 CM Punk Sub Champ enfuriated

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Clairvoyant PL

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PostSubject: CM Punk Sub Champ enfuriated   Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:20 pm

*CM Punk SUb Champ approaches Caitlin Bella and violently takes her microphone*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "It's time that you finally learn how to conduct a decent interview, Caitlin! So shut up and listen!"

CM Punk Sub Champ faces camera and continuos

CM Punk Sub Champ: "I am sick and tired of everything that is going on around here! Everyone seems to disrespect me on a daily basis. I won't stand it anymore. Today I will simply massacre Spider Man and his stupid dreams of being a superstar. I will also do it in front of his fans, making them watch as their hero is slain. And I will do all of that just because I can. All of that could have been avoided if people would show me just a litlle bit of repsect. Since you all decided to do otherwise, now it's time for all of you to pay the price! And next week I will decimate another hero. I will destroy Clairvoyant, your beloved smartass and douchebag of the month!"

CM Punk Sub Champ throws the mic at Caitlin Bella and storms off. After a few seconds Clairvoyant shows up with a look of amazement on his face.

Clairvoyant: "You saw that, Caitlin? That is how a girl makes a scene."

*camera fades*
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CM Punk Sub Champ enfuriated
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