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 CM Punk Sub Champ nervous (PPV segment 1)

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PostSubject: CM Punk Sub Champ nervous (PPV segment 1)   Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:23 pm

*Camera shows Caitlin Bella approaching CM Punk SUb CHamp With a microphone. He is standing against the wall, mumbling to himself.*

Caitlin Bella: "Excuse me, Punk, can I ask you few questions?"

*CM Punk Sub Champ raises his head nervously. After a split second he realizes that he's being taped, so he forces his expression to change. He straightens up and smiles unconvincingly.*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "Of course, Caitlin, I'm always ready for you."

Caitlin Bella: "Riiight... Anyway, big match tonight, high risk for all of the competitors. Whoever looses the pinfall is getting fired. Are you nervous?"

CM Punk Sub Champ: "Me? Nervous?"

*CM Punk Sub Champ tries to laugh confidently but failes at it, showing how tense he really is.*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "How could I be nervous? This is my dream come true! Only thing I have to worry about is which one of those two disrespectful thugs should get fired tonight. I still can't decided which one of them I resent more. So maybe I will have to let the coin decide?"

*CM Punk Sub Champ reaches to his pocket and after a moment retrieves a one pound coin. He shows it to the camera.*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "When I will dominate both of this douchebags in the ring, I will stand upon they beaten bodies and make a coin flip. It will decide which one of them gets fired. So Bella, who should be heads and who should be tails?"

Caitlin Bella: "I don't now, Punk. Maybe let the coin decide?"

CM Punk Sub Champ: "What do you mean?"

Caitlin Bella: "Just do the coin flip for one of them and see what the coins tells."

CM Punk Sub Champ: "Good idea, Caitlin! Ok, so let's flip it. But for who? Spider Man or Clairvoyant? I don't know, I can't decide..."

Caitlin Bella: "Just flip it for Clairvoyant already."

CM Punk Sub Champ: "What? Ok, why not. Let's do this. Let's see if he's head or tails."

*CM Punk Sub Champ flips the coin. The coin falls on his boots, springs off and rolls under the case that was standing nearby.*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "Shit! Not there!"

*CM Punk Sub Champ gets on his knees and tries to retrieve the coin from under the case.*

CM Punk Sub Champ: "It's ok, I almost had it... Shit! Almost there... Don't leave Caitlin, I will get it soon..."

*Caitlin looks at this, trying not to laugh. Camera fades*
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CM Punk Sub Champ nervous (PPV segment 1)
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