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 Spider Man shows confidence

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PostSubject: Spider Man shows confidence   Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:06 pm

*Camera shows Caitlin Bella standing backstage next to Spider Man*

Caitlin Bella: Hello everyone. Joining me at this time is Spider Man. So, Spider Man, last week you haven't got a medical clearance to fight. Are you well now?

Spider Man: Yes Caitlin, I'm in a good shape, ready to kick CM Punk's butt and show again why I'm The Best Damn Wrestler In The World!

Caitlin Bella: That's a lot of confidence, as always. However, aren't you affraid that CM Punk Sub Champ will again try to jump you from behind just before the fight.

Spider Man: I wouldn't be affraid of that Caitlin. It's impossible for CM Punk to jump me from behind because he would have to sneak up on me first. And that is impossible because he has a very strong smell, if you know what I mean.

Caitlin Bella: I'm not sure I have noticed that before, but now that you mentioned it...

Spider Man: Exactly! That's a smell of failure! Because that's what he is: a failure. And I will prove it tonight!

*camera fades*
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Spider Man shows confidence
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