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 Spider Man shows confidence yet again (PPV segemnt 2)

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PostSubject: Spider Man shows confidence yet again (PPV segemnt 2)   Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:23 pm

*Camera shows Caitlin Bella standing backstage next to Spider Man, who smiles confidently*

Caitlin Bella: "Joining me at this time is Spider Man. Tell us all, Spider Man, how do you feel before such an important match? You can loose your job tonight."

*Spider Man laughs happily like if he just heard a great joke*

Spider Man: "It's nice Caitlin, that you try to build up the suspense before our triple threat match. However me loosing a job tonight is just too... unlikely. It's impossible for me to loose tonight! I already showed last week that I am better than CM Punk, Clairvoyant also had not defeated me yet."

Caitlin Bella: "However many could say that you've won with CM Punk Sub Champ thanks to the distraction caused by Clairvoyant."

Spider Man: "Clairvoyant hasn't caused any distraction, he was just walking away from commentary. It's CM Punk who distracted himself because of that and it was me who jumped on the opportunity. Like The Best Damn Wrestler In The World that I am!"

Caitlin Bella: "You surely speak like one. Tell us Spider Man, who will get fired tonight?"

Spider Man: "It doesn't really matter, since I will win, and that's all that matters to me. It was Clairvoyant's idea to add the stipulation, let him worry about loosing his job now."

Caitlin Bella: "If you would get the opportunity during a match to choose who to pin, who would it be?"

Spider Man: "Interesting question Bella, but you seems to confuse me with someone who plans ahead. I don't do that Bella, it's not my style. I don't have to plan anything since I'm The Best Damn Wrestler In The World. And as The Best Damn Wrestler In The World I will always overcome all the obstacles thrown at me so planning ahead is useless in my opinion."

Caitlin Bella: "Last question, please. Clairvoyant said that the winner will get the opportunity to personally kick the looser out of the building. Do you have anything special planned?"

Spider Man: "Why would I plan anything special? Kicking someone out should be enough for anybody. I think..."

*Spider Man stops talking because he notices the delivery man approaching them with a big can of tar and box of feather*

Delivery Man: "Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find mr. Clairvoyant? I have a special delivery for him."

*Caitlin Bella shows him the way*

Caitlin Bella: "His locker room is that way."

Delivery Man: "Thank you very much. Have a good day."

*Delivery Man walks away towards Clairvoyant's locker room. Caitlin and Spider Man exchanges surprised looks*

Spider Man: "Excuse me Caitlin, I need to go buy something..."

Spider Man walks away quickly. Camera fades*
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Spider Man shows confidence yet again (PPV segemnt 2)
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