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 Spider Man Vs CPSC

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Spider Man

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PostSubject: Spider Man Vs CPSC   Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:33 pm

ok guys this match will go on as a normal match

in the end of the match as Clairvoyant PL in the annouce table

Clairvoyant PL says : Now i'll get my PayBack

" He go in front of the ring as CPSC ready to hit his finisher on Spider Man "

Clairvoyant PL says : Hey! Hey! Hey! look at me i'm behind you !!

As CPSC looks back Spider Man stand .. and waits tell CPSC to turn

Spider Man Hits His Finisher On CPSC busted his head open

and wins The Match after the Match Clairvoyant PL come and try to hit Spider But Spider Hit his finisher on him

Spider Man music hits and walk and shack hands with the fans .
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Clairvoyant PL

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PostSubject: Re: Spider Man Vs CPSC   Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:42 pm

Let me clarify some things about the match.

Clairvoyant joins the table for the commentary:

Paul Mitchell: "For the match between Spider Man and CPSB we welcome Clairvoyant, who will join us for the commentary"

Clairvoyant: "Thanks Paul, it's nice to be here. Not because of a match which will be boring, but the company is nice."

Dexter Smith: "Tell us Clair, how is your headache?"

Clairvoyant: "My head is fine, Cm Punk hits like a litlle girl that he is. I couldn't even get a free day because of his attack. Anyway, let's see how you should not wrestle."

This comment should be posted after first block or dodge in a match:

Clairvoyant: "It's amazing! I didn't know you could screw up even such a simple move! This guys are hilarious!"

This comment should be posted after first pinning attempt:

Clairvoyant: "He seems really fired up today. So much that he decided to show us a premature pinning."

This comment should be posted short before the end:

Clairvoyant: "It's getting quite boring. I think I've had enough of this pathetic excuse for a wrestling match. Gentleman, if you'll excuse me...

Clairvoyant stands up and starts to leave the ringside. CM Punk Sub Champ notices it and starts to scream at Clairvoyant, accusing him of being disrespectful again. Spider Man uses the distraction.

*Spider Man lands his finisher and wins*

Clairvoyant: "Congratulations Spidey, you've beaten a girl. However, I made a litlle wager with our GM just before the fight. I said that you will win, he was putting his money on CM Punk. I won so I can arrange a match with all of us involved. So listen, next week at the PPV it will be you and me and CM Punk in a triple threat match! But it's not all. I've managed to add a stipulation. Whoever looses a pinfall next week will be fired the same moment! And whoever wins the pinfall will be awarded the privelege to kick the loser outside of the building in a way he finds most suitable. So enjoy your win, Spidey, for it can be your last one here in FRW.

*Clairvoyant leaves the ringside with a smile.*
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Spider Man Vs CPSC
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