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 The Return of FRW [begining of show and after opening credits]

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PostSubject: The Return of FRW [begining of show and after opening credits]   Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:23 pm

(Before show intro)
*A Video plays showing some of Smokes memorable Matches then a couple of words appears on the screen 'THE SECRET SHALL BE REVEALED'*

(After show intro)

*Caitlin bella is stood in the middle of the ring holding a microphone*

Caitlin Bella: I have a huge announcement to make tonight before we kick things off

«Crowd begin to cheer FRW»

Caitlin Bella: A wrestler from the past will return tonight we last saw him at FRW's First ever PPV, he's finally returned home and he can't wait to kick things off cause that's all he been speaking about for the last couple of months.

«Crowd begin to go crazy»

Paul Mitchell: Could this be who I think it is Dexter.

Dexter Smith: I know who it is Paul but let's hear her out I don't wanna hear you chatter I know its our first night back but please please don't do my head in with your stupidity

[Colo=violet]Caitlin Bella: Well I wanna say this and I speak from my heart when I say this I can't wait for him to come out here and raise some hell cause with what I've seen in the back earlier FRW needs him so without further a due I announce the return of .[/color]

*Mr Sheldons music starts to play and he walks out to the ring holding a mic and gets in the ring and the crowd begin to cheer*

[color:13be=Dark Red]Mr Sheldon: hang on a minute Caitlin First things First WELCOME TO FRW and welcome to a new era in wrestling history as Caitlin said this wrestler she is speaking of will return tonight but if he even thinks of pulling his old antics of he will be out of FRW I will make sure he has no job what so ever cause he caused so much damage the last time he was here and then he thought it be ok just to get up and leave frw to pick up the pieces of his destruction to the wrestlers and to me. I'm Mr Sheldon and I'm the one that runs this show

Dexter Smith: I know who he's talking about Paul he left this company to wrestle in that other company I can sense he's back to finish off some unfinished business

Caitlin Bella: Well Mr Sheldon he is very sorry he didn't want things to end the way they did he's here to amend things he's here do what he does best Ladies and gentlemen boys and I girls I give to you the one the only Smoke

«The crowd go wild»

Paul Mithcell: HE'S BACK HE'S BACK

*Smokes music starts to play and he walks threw the crowd holding a mic and jumps the barrier and gets into the ring*

Dexter Smith: I knew it things are about to pick up where they left off

Smoke: Well Well Well Mr Sheldon
What can I say I gave to the fans what they wanted to see, was it not the crowd that wanted me to destroy LBA and I did just that, was it not me that drew the fans to FRW. And I nearly forgot Caitlin see what I told you, I told you he wouldn't understand one thing look at him there all dressed up in his suit walking around all big and mighty

[color:13be=dark red]Mr Sheldon: Well smoke you think you know everything don't you let's see nest week you won't be saying that when you face a new edition to FRW Apo

*mr sheldon throws the mic down and gets out of the ring and heads backstage*

Paul Mitchell: wow I can't believe it things have already kicked off and we haven't had our first match yet

*smoke and caitlin get out of the ring and make their exit threw the crowd*

Dexter Smith: well let's see what just happens in the mean time its time for our first match of this season [wrestler 1] vs [wrestler 2] this should be a good match up
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The Return of FRW [begining of show and after opening credits]
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