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 A message to frw (after the opening)

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PostSubject: A message to frw (after the opening)   Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:33 pm

*the camera fades to ringside where the fans are in anticipation for the arrival of this unknown female that they saw at the beginning of the show, as the lights dim a shadow of a female is seen at the entrance as she walks onto the stage the fans begin to cheer and the lights brighten again, She blows a kiss to the fans and begins to walk down the ramp slowly for some reason or other she stops and looks over her shoulder and looks straight into the camera and gives a sadistic smile before carrying on walking down the ramp as she reaches ring side she grabs the microphone off the Ring announcer then gets into the ring and puts the microphone to her lips*

Unknown Female: Let me start by introducing myself, Hi Every one I'm Abigail nice to meet you all.

*the crowd begin to cheer Abigail, Abigail begins to smile at the crowds reaction before carrying on*

Abigail: Thank you all for this warm welcome, but I wanna talk about something that needs to be discussed.

*the crowd go silent, so silent you could hear a pin drop*

Abigail: You see its like this you can have your Slippery Sam's, you can have your JmK's, but let it be known at FRW's First PPV since its return, AT the Road Rage PPV next week we will see the birth of a new superstar the birth of a new icon THE BIRTH OF ASTAROTH.

*The light begin to dim as an image of a graveyard is shown on the tron a message is shown saying "Smoke's Soul Is Mine" after the message fades video begins to play. Its set in a underground lair where a dark figure is sat on a throne, the dark figure gets up and walks into the light and begins to speak*

Unknown: As I took Smoke's Soul in front of you all, as for years I have been the one behind the attacks on Smoke, you see at FRW's Road Rage PPV I will Appear I will destroy and I will in fact dig another grave because when its all said and done, when I have caused the pain and the suffering you all will know the name of Astaroth.

*as the video on the tron stops 3 gongs sound as lighting strike the stage to reveal a tombstone with Smoke's Name on it abigail then gets out of the ring and skips towards Smoke's tombstone as she reaches it she pulls a rose out of her jacket and places it on top of the tombstone, she then puts the microphone to her lips one more time *

Abigail: Smoke you will be missed, you will forever be in our hearts as being the most pathetic excuse of a wrestler.

*the crowd begin to chant "GET THE [Censored] Out" loudly, as Abigail laughs and points her finger to the crowd*

Abigail: Just wait and see what happens when ASTAROTH COMES TO FRW, JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT HE'S CAPABLE OF

*the crowd begin to boo even louder, Abigail laughs and throws the mic down and skips away from Smokes Tombstone and then begins to skip into the back*
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A message to frw (after the opening)
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