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 A Unknown presance (before the show)

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PostSubject: A Unknown presance (before the show)   Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:52 pm

*A unknown female is walking around backstage with a sinister smile on her face*

Dexter Smith: If looks could kill I would get her to look at you mate *laughs*

Paul Mitchell: You would like that wouldn't you, you know what Dexter you need to grow up MATE

*As The Unknown Female is walking into the backstage, Slippery Sam walks up to her and begins to chat*

Slippery Sam: Hey how you doin sweet cheeks

Unknown Female: Don't call me sweet cheeks you don't know me, infact I don't wanna breath the same air as you, your pathetic if only you knew the true reason why I'm here

*In shock Slippery Sam turns round and walks away*

Unknown Female: Yeh you know what's best for you

*camera fades to rings side*
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A Unknown presance (before the show)
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