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 Stiff Incorporated

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PostSubject: Stiff Incorporated    Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:55 am

*HCTPF5 and Royler Gracie are seen backstage staring at the camera*

Royler Gracie: Last week of all you "fans" back at home were probably amazed at what you saw weren't you?

HCTPF5: You saw two of the best damn wrestlers in FRW dominating in their respective matches and you were obviously impressed.

Royler Gracie: You thought "Why can't our fatasses be like those two masters of the ring?" didn't you?

HCTPF5: I think these fools want to know why we are teaming up Royler.  

Royler Gracie: Fuck them.

HCTPF5: We don't have anything to hide let's let them know.

Royler Gracie: Alright , me and HCTPF5 right here? we go way back..we used to be at the best and at the worst feds together and we always watched each others backs.

HCTPF5: Royler and i also train together at Jiu Jitsu and unlike the rest of the flying monkeys on this show Royler and i can grapple and wrestle.

*Royler laughs*

Royler Gracie: No one here can out stiff the suplex machine and the beast incarnate.

HCTPF5: FRW should get ready because Stiff Inc is gonna kick everyone's ass starting with that jobber Kendall and his partner Taboo.

*HCTPF5 pushes the camera man away and the camera cuts to ringside*
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Stiff Incorporated
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