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 A lesson in stiff

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PostSubject: A lesson in stiff    Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:27 am

*HCTPF5 and Royler Gracie exit the ring and take microphones*

HCTPF5: Tonight is gonna be the greatest PPV in FRW history.

Royler Gracie: All due to the fact that tonight not only it's our PPV debut as a team and individuals..but also due to the fact that we get to finish up two opponents from the past couple of weeks.

HCTPF5: Stiff Inc will prove to all the dumb marks that you two pricks got lucky a few weeks back.

Royler Gracie: And then later on tonight we will beat those other idiots to become the new and greatest FRW Tag Team champions.

*HCTPF5 gets in Taboo's face*

HCTPF5: Taboo , i plan on piledriving you neck first into the ring until it breaks.

Royler Gracie: Kendall , i plan on suplexing your ass all around the ring.

*HCTPF5 slaps Taboo and the ref rings the bell*
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A lesson in stiff
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