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 Smoke Comfronts The GM [after Swift Ion's promo]

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PostSubject: Smoke Comfronts The GM [after Swift Ion's promo]   Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:02 pm

*the camera goes to the GM's office where Mr sheldon is sat down in his chair relaxing suddenly Smoke barges in*

Smoke: Hey I want a match with Swift Ion next week

Mr Sheldon: Well Smoke if you want it and I can see you wanna face him really bad for some reason. So I tell you what Smoke I will cancel your match with Apocalypse next week and I will set up a match between you and Swift Ion and if you lose Smoke you will be gone from FRW its your choice you either face Apocalypse and be safe or Swift Ion and your place in FRW is on the line

*Mr Sheldon does and evil laugh*

Smoke: what's your problem with me, apart from me destroying your beloved LBA or is it the fact that you went out of business and I was still on air in other feds cause I tell you what mate its time for a reality check, its time for a new era in FRW an era that should of debuted in 2012, you know what Caitlin was right you not worth one bit of my energy

*Smoke Storms out of the GM's office and slams the door the camera goes back to ringside*
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Smoke Comfronts The GM [after Swift Ion's promo]
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