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 Just a Look at Swift Ion

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Swift Ion


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PostSubject: Just a Look at Swift Ion   Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:24 pm

The camera sees the newly acquainted
superstar Swift Ion texting on his phone, while
the FRW Universe cheers for him. He sees the
camera and starts talking

Swift Ion: "I like it here. I think I need a title shot here I know I haven't been here long.
in a bit. FRW Universe, picture me as the World
Champion or any other Champion. I think I can do it. Actually, I know I can do it. Whoever I'm fighting has another thing coming because that 450 Splash is coming for him."

Swift Ion starts walking away and stops at a
Vending Machine

Swift Ion: "You see, I came here to do 3 things."

Swift Ion pushes the button on the Vending
Machine and grabs his Soda, then opens it

Swift Ion: "First, I'm here to win any match and any championship. Second of all, I'm here to entertain you FRW fans. Last, I'm here to do
things you have never seen before. FRW is the
place dreams come true or dreams get crushed. So get ready FRW Universe.
Tonight on FRW, its the beginning of the Ion Era."

Swift Ion starts walking down the hallway,
leaving the cameras sight
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Just a Look at Swift Ion
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