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 Pre-Match Babylon

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PostSubject: Pre-Match Babylon   Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:00 pm

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!! A loud pounding is resounding off JMK's door. The door gets kicked down and Babylon storms in.

Babylon: I am tired of being ignored JMK, either you put me in a match right now or I go out there and wait in the ring until an opponent can come out and clear me from the ring.

Jmk: As if I should give you a match. No one likes you, remember? If I were to put you out there everyone would turn off the TV, I ju--

*The lights go black as the feed to the GM's office is cut off, there are a few seconds of silence before Jmk's voice comes out over the intercom

Jmk: There has been a change in the card this evening, Babylon will be in a match next against what ever wrestler is willing to face him.
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Pre-Match Babylon
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