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 Babylon's Pre-Match Speech

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PostSubject: Babylon's Pre-Match Speech   Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:16 am

*Babylon's entrance music plays as he makes his way to the ring with a microphone.*

Babylon: Here I am with an opportunity, an opportunity to push myself to two wins and zero losses. Just like everything else in this world opportunities are never given to you because you deserve them, but, because you've earned them. And I have this opportunity here tonight because I've earned it. Ever since I was a little boy, I have been working towards this moment under the lights in front of thousands of people screaming my name.

*The crowd cheers as Babylon arrives in the ring and continues talking*

Babylon: I am not going to waste this opportunity I have been given tonight, and just like last week, I will come out victorious because I have worked harder all my life. I have worked harder than Sergiu, I have worked harder than Cassius Clay, and I have worked harder than everyone in this building. That is why I will win tonight. But, tonight is only the beginning because next season I will once again go undefeated and keep winning until I am on top of this federation.

*The crowd cheers as Babylon throws the mic down and is ready for the match.*

Dexter Smith: Well this loser seems like he's in way over his head. I can't wait to see him get thrashed by Sergiu!

Paul Mitchell: I wouldn't be so sure Dexter, he hasn't lost yet and his work ethic is off the charts. I can't wait to see what should be a competitive match.

Dexter Smith: This won't be the first time you've been wrong about a match. Sergiu is going to wring his neck!
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Babylon's Pre-Match Speech
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