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 He's back and Out!

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Vinny 123

Vinny 123

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He's back and Out! Empty
PostSubject: He's back and Out!   He's back and Out! I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 14, 2013 1:05 pm

*the whole arena becomes dark with green laser moving around.Then Yeah You Know by T.I hits the titranton as some one seems to come to down from behind the stage*

Commentator1:"well ... wait a minute isnt that ...."
Commentator 2: "its Vinny .. Vinny one of the frw originals. He had a match last 2 weeeks but we didnt get a word outta him so maybe he'll do us that honour tonight"

*the crowd goes wild as vinny walks into the ring and takes a mic.*

VInny:"Watsup fans?!"

*Fans scream on top of their voices*

Vinny: "Well, i now many of you know me and for the least that don't am the one and only Vinny.. one of the very first frw originals and one of the finest wrestlers out there".

*Fans start to say "Welcome backk"*

Vinny: "Well thank you all i presume. And my motive for coming back? Hmm.. lets see. I love wrestling, you guys love wrestling, as a matter of fact no one hates wrestling  and am back to dominate. I didn't really show you guys what i was really made up of or do anything spectacular during my first seasons here and am back to do it all. I'm back to show you all i was better than all those frw originals, I'm back and no one is gonna hold me back cuz I'm that man who has found that new spirit and is maxing his potential."

*Fans clap to show their appreciation*

Vinny : "And to end it all I'm ...

*the whole place becomes dark*

Commentator 2:" whats happening , we cant cant see anything"

Commentator 1:"But it looks like there some kinda fight going on"

*The lights come back on with Vinny lying in the middle of the ring bleeding with no one near him*

Commentator 1: "Well it looks like he was ambushed and we have no idea who did it .. "
Commentator 2: "who ever did it is in trouble because he wont rest till he gets payback"

*The screen fades as the paramedics put vinny on a stretcher and takes his to the hospital*
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He's back and Out!
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