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 2 ways to format an Rp

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2 ways to format an Rp Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2 ways to format an Rp   2 ways to format an Rp I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 12:07 pm

This is how all rps should be formatted like:

*Jmk's entrance song plays and Jmk runs into the ring with a mic*

Jmk: "So i hear you all wanna know the truth, well i aint gonna tell none of you."

*Jmk laughs at the FRW audience*

Jmk: "You all actually thought, that i would tell you all the truth about what happened last week between me and Ezio, well all i wanna say is that i kicked his ass in our match and beat him by making him say the 2 magic words.... I QUIT!!"

*Jmk throws the mic on the floor and leaves the ring laughing at everyone but out of nowhere Ezio comes out with a mic*

Ezio Marvel: "Wow Jmk wait right there as i think your forgetting one thing... you cheated and do not even pretend to lie saying that you didn't cheat, as not only me but everyone in the locker room and everyone who watched last week's LBA show know wha...


Ezio Marvel: "Before what huh, you gonna come here and try hit me."

Jmk: "No... but tonight in our rematch i will beat you again for the 2nd time, and this time i will cause some serious damage."

*Ezio look's at Jmk and laughs and then leaves and then slowly Jmk follow's and leave's the arena aswell as the camera slowly zoom's onto the LBA logo and fades away*
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2 ways to format an Rp Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2 ways to format an Rp   2 ways to format an Rp I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 2:17 am

*suddenly the cameras light back up and Bensterio storms in and grabs onto Jmk ad Ezio’s shirt, he then begins to drag them back down to the ring ad throws them back into the ring; Ben then goes into the ring and orders for a hell in a cell cage to be lowered down trapping the three men inside*

Ben: “you two guys seem to be having serious issues”

*Ben turns to face Jmk*

Ben: “Jmk you believe that you beat Ezio fair and square and even forced Ezio to say the two fatal words... I quit!”

Jmk: “That’s true, Ezio can’t stand losing to someone as awesome as me and so has to pretend I cheated... well tonight he’s going to face my full power and he won’t be leaving the ring tonight unless he’s on the back of a stretcher”

*Ben nods his head and turns to Ezio*

Ben: “So Ezio is it true you’re a lier? Is it true that you couldn’t bare face the reality that you lost to Jmk? Is it true that you can’t beat a man such as Jmk?”

*Ezio is angry and grinds his teeth*

Ezio: “No, no, no! I can beat Jmk whenever, wherever and he knows it, that’s why he cheated last time and that’s why he’ll cheat again tonight.... because he knows I’m superior”

Ben: “Well you both seem to have different views on what happened in your last match and about what’s going to happen tonight, it’s a shame I don’t give a [censored] about your problems and that your match tonight won’t happen”

*both Jmk and Ezio look at each other and then back at Ben and shout “What!”

Ben: “You see, you both will be in hospital before your match tonight is scheduled”

*Ben charges at both Jmk and Ezio and hits them with a double clothesline, before Ezio even hits the floor he is scooped up and slammed in top of Jmk; Ben now attacks both the grounded men with a vary of different dives and drops before finally stopping and ordering for the hell in a cell cage to be lifted. As soon as the cell is lifted Ben leaves leaving the unconscious remains of both Jmk and Ezio, the cameras both focusing on the bodies slowly fade out and then go blank
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2 ways to format an Rp
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