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 It all starts Tonight

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PostSubject: It all starts Tonight   Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:59 am

Random Voice: "No matter where you run... where you hide.. no matter where you go?.. The shadows.. the eyes of the darkness will always be around you."

A voice declared from the PA System in a distorted fashion, it held the same qualities of a certain, sinister presence that has been running rubshaw the last few weeks in FRW.. The same man that had his followers abuse, attack a poor referee in the parking lot where there would be no witnesses, a sign of things to come? Or just the past symbols of the end coming to fruition in the future? When the man spoke clearly of the eyes of the darkness. Red, glowing eyes appeared on the titan-tron, blinking in random intervals and the iris was glancing to and fro, watching the entire crowd. There were flames behind the eyes, but it was the eyes that was the focal point, and caused a multitude of screams to echo out of the arena.

Random Voice: "No matter the circumstance, no matter the situation at hand.... no matter how hard you try... there will always be darkness. Light may try and destroy it, but the shadows?.. They always creep along. You may try to live in a world where only optimism is your saving grace, but behind that deceiving smile, is a person about to break... to have their mental stamina gone to the wolves.. feasting on your soul like rabid animals... We can see behind those eyes, trying to mimic good fortune that you are deep, down hurt inside. You have no sanity, and it will just take a few strands to pull at your hair.. until you break and cry for those around you... everyone is mortal.. humanity has its flaws.. but never... will the shadows die out."

On cue, the arena got covered in a series of shadows that conflicted with the light the area normally gave out. In unison, all the lights decided to flicker and turn off, casting everyone, even the announcers into a state of darkness, or nothing but blackness so that the only bit of light, that could be seen was those eyes once more, the eyes of the darkness.

Random Voice: "Light may try and vanquish the shadows, but it will always be back, it is only a matter of time before the darkness consumes all mankind, and leads us all into the Eyes... of the Darkness. The darkness shall destroy the light, and everything, EVERYTHING!.. You all work for, you all need to keep yourself safe.. we will terrorize... cause destruction and ruin wherever we go, because we are the immortals sent down through the skies to bring forth the latest depiction of the Rapture. People thought the race known only as the Mayans were crazy to believe, that the end of all mankind was to come in the not so distant future, but I... I have seen the truth, I have witnessed it, I have done it by my own hand. The truth of it all is... there is no going back to the way the world use to be, for when they see, when you all see the Horsemen rise in the sky?.. Then its all over for mankind."

On the ramp, four spotlights started to shine down to reveal something was afoot.. four individual layers of light casted downward from the rafters. The feel of a tugging line had people's attention going towards the first spotlight, the one to the right of the ramp to show a masked figure, same one has was seen at the parking lot when the referee was attacked and dispatched of. This masked individual, had a skull on the face of the mask, and his biker-esque attire had skeletal designs in it like he was a full-fledged skeleton. He hit the ramp with a ginger-placement and just stood there, looking around.

Random Voice: "Meet Death... The Reaper of lost souls that plunge the Earth into darkness... Those who die, and those he wishes to die shall become his immortal slave and when the Rapture comes... He will have his own coalition of souls to add to his new domain down under. He is one, you wish to not see in your life, but one you see on a regular occasion because you mortals, humans can't help but cause each other pain through crashes, attacks, beatings, abuse... it all comes back to haunt you when he shows up at your door-step."

The same tug of the rope had the fans in the audience looking yonder towards the next masked figure who was descending from the sky and landing with an abrupt kneel towards the ramp. This one was wearing the same style of clothing, but on the mask itself? Depicted a sword, burning red with blood dripping from the metal blade.

Random Voice: "Death comes in many forms... but when you all fight each other, gang wars... fighting family members, fighting each country with the hopes of getting something of fortune from it all? War comes in to take the stand.. Meet my strength in all of this. You think, you can get away with cutting down the numbers of this sheer Earth through battle with another.. but now War has come to lead his own charge, and show you all... what is is truly meant to be.. and what it means to be called the Spoils of... War."

The third spotlight now showed a man dropping from the heavens like the previous two, coming down and settling onto the ground. This masked figure had a different symbol then the other two, showing off a bow and arrow, but the arrow itself, had green dripping, oozing off the tip to signal poison.

Random Voice: "This one will leave you withering with the disease that is to come.. watch out, don't let him touch you or else you may feel the poison dripping from his veins... a toxin.. toxic to the touch. Conquest or in some cultures Pestilence... Is one man that knows how to leave his mark on society... Every day, people get sick without knowing why, and let me tell you... its because of our Conquest to come. We are here, and we.... are taking over leaving you all but a shell of your former self.. but do not fret... there is still but one more left."

One final man, came shooting down. He was a bit slender, dainty compared to the rest but it all became clear what that masked man was when you got to see the picture on his face... The representation of scales trying to be balanced.

Random Voice: "Famine likes to take away, and he will take whatever he can get... You mortals.. humanity tends to blight itself every moment they can, and now with Famine here, he will ensure that blight resolves for days, months on end until you are nothing more then skin and bones... coughing, wishing for food and the object you need most... but you'll never get it back. We will take away all that is precious within FRW... starting with its gold, starting with the reason these pathetic imbeciles known as wrestlers fight... to get to the top. What happens when there is nothing left on the top of the ladder, nothing to cherish.. nothing to reach for?.. People will start to plummet back to the ground like the flies they are... we will start with gold.. then... we will go after management until this whole federation known as F...R...W... Falls to the ground beneath our feet.. for I am..."

The screen that had the eyes now started to change. The flames in the background started to be doused, burn up to reveal more of the titan-tron.. Whenever a piece of flame died out?.. It was replaced by part of a cloak, part of the shadowy leather of symbols by demonic presences and it became all too clear, that the eyes watching the fans the entire time?.. Was Apocalypse's all along... There he stood, on the titan-tron watching everyone.

Apocalypse: "Lord Apocalypse and tonight?.... Tonight is the change of events forever. Bloodman is such a fitting title for my prey tonight, for when I am done with him.... when the match is considered over?.. When the bell rings.. there will be nothing left in the ring but pools of blood... and a dead carcass... He will be bloody, and he will join my legion of victims in this day and day.. Prepare for the Armageddon... For it starts.... TONIGHT!"

The screen went dead, and so did the spotlights leaving the arena casted in complete darkness once more.. and when the lights did come on? The Horsemen were gone from the ramp, and everything looked back to normal... except the demonic laughter of Apocalypse coming through the PA System... Laughing, and laughing the entire time until cameras cut to a commercial break.
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It all starts Tonight
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