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 Freeing up time (A small RP, I don't really have time :( )

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PostSubject: Freeing up time (A small RP, I don't really have time :( )   Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:42 am

Dexter Smith: What a terrible match! It's been a while since I was so bored.

Paul Mitchell: At least you're as stupid as you used to be. This match is good, and the next one will be too! We have Sergiu vs Rocky Gently.

Dexter Smith: We already know the winner. I bet Sergiu's gonna kick his ass before being able to try something.

Paul Mitchell: Before his last match Sergiu knocked out his opponent using a table, meaning a win by forfeit, since Ajani couldn't show up in time.

Dexter Smith: That doesn't matter, winners are winners and losers are losers, no matter which way do you use in order to dominate the top.

Paul Mitchell: I'm not agreeing, but I'm sure you have a point too.

*While the commentators keep talking, the camera slowly goes to the backstage, where Caitlin Bella is trying to interview Sergiu*

Caitlin Bella: Wait, you [censored]head!

Sergiu: Why would I waste my time with useless people like you?

Caitlin Bella: Because these are the rules, it's not like I'm enjoying my time interviewing some sweating fat pigs every week! And if you don't, the bodyguards will force you to do so.

*The bodyguards approach him*

Sergiu: Fuck off! Ok let's do it, FAST!

Caitlin Bella: You're not ordering me! Good evening dear FRW fans, we are here with Sergiu, and, as you like, we are using the 3 question policy, as always. You're ready for the first question?

Sergiu: That was the first.

*Sergiu smirks*

Caitlin Bella: Ehmmm, ok then, you're ready for the third question?

Sergiu: You already put it.

*Caitlin shouts angry*

Caitlin Bella

Sergiu: NOW!

*Sergiu smashes the camera and goes straight to the ring, leaving Caitlin under the fans laughters*
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Freeing up time (A small RP, I don't really have time :( )
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