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 An Interview with the Evil-ess (after match 2)

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PostSubject: An Interview with the Evil-ess (after match 2)   Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:38 pm

*the camera fades into the back where Caitlin Bella is waiting to do an interview with Abigail, Abigail skips towards Caitlin Bella and smiles, Caitlin shakes her head and begins to speak*

Caitlin Bella: So Abigail I would like to interview you about what happened earlier tonight

*Abigail laughs and blows Caitlin a kiss and then begins to speak*

Abigail: I'm your biggest fan Caitlin I really am

*Caitlin begins to looks shocked*

Caitlin Bella: Really

*Abigail laughs and looks into Caitlins eyes and Shouts*


*Caitlin Jumps back with fright*

Caitlin Bella: You know what Abigail the feeling is neutral, now let's get on with this interview

*Caitlin looks around with worry*

Caitlin Bella: Is it me or has it gone cold all of a sudden

*Abigail smirks, and begins to speak into caitlins microphone*

Abigail: Its Him that's why your feeling cold

*Caitlin confusingly asks*

Caitlin Bella: Who

*Abigail Smiles and and begins to explain*

Abigail: Its Astaroth silly, don't be afraid you'll get used to it like I did its no biggie, look Caitlin I know what Astaroth did to your brother Smoke and Believe you me Smoke well just say he's in a warm place

*Caitlin begins to show signs of anger*

Caitlin Bella: WHAT THE [Censored] DO YOU KNOW

*Caitlin throws the microphone down and gets up close and personal to Abigail, Abigail Stares right back at her then begins to laugh, Caitlin turns to walk away when Abigail Attacks her from behind knocking Caitlin to the floor, Abigail goes toward the microphone and picks it up before heading to Caitlin and stands over her*

Abigail: Caitlin Caitlin what on earth shall we do hmm I know I will leave it for now because your grieving for your brother Smoke but let this be a warning next time you try and pull a stunt like that you'll spend. The night in the A+E

*Abigail throws the microphone down onto Caitlin and skips away laughing, the camera fades back to ringside*
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An Interview with the Evil-ess (after match 2)
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