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 The Feeling

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Swift Ion


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PostSubject: The Feeling    Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:22 am

Swift Ion is sitting in his car with his
girlfriend, Tytiana, after Dinner and a Wrestling
Interviewer tries to ask him questions

Wrestling Interviewer: Ion, Ion, Ion! Let me ask you just one question, just one, before you
go, what is your Number One goal in FRW?

Swift Ion: My number one goal? Do I dare say win the, Ultimate X, Lightning Heavyweight, European, Tag, & even the FRW Championships? I think my number one goal is to make Swift Ion more relevant, whether it be the Ultimate X Champion or the FRW Champion, I want to be different. I want to be the guy that you truly
think, “That guy is awesome. That guy is FRW.
He embodies everything that FRW wrestling
is. But, I want to do it my way. Remember two weeks ago when I won, people said that was a
fluke. This is a time for no fun and games. This
is a time to be serious.

Swift Ion pauses

Swift Ion: Earlier today, I was cleared to compete on this Sunday on FRW. Now,
when I say that, I mean no mistakes once so
ever. Meaning, that if I see an opening, I'm
taking it to the next level. If I had the chance,
I will take out every single Guy in FRW, with a
450, just to get my hands on a Championship.
Your recording it right?

Wrestling Interviewer: Yes, yes sir!

Swift Ion: This Sunday, you Jason Storm, will learn what a Swift Guy I am. I am To Damn Swift. That being said, you will learn why nobody in this Damn world, got Swagger Like Me.

Swift Ion and his girlfriend leave the
restaurant after the 5 minute interview, and
drives away
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The Feeling
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