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PostSubject: Commentary   Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:31 am

Paul Mitchell: "We got an exciting match coming up in the next few moments, two weeks in a row Apocalypse has pulled off outstanding matches, even if he has just barely won... but this week.. he is facing a veteren in FRW, and one man that has been with us since the beginning."

Dexter Smith: "I think I will be the winner in this match, whoever I pick to win, will.. I'm just that good. I'm undefeated when it comes to picking a victor."

Paul Mitchell: "You're are sooo full of yourself Dexter... This is going to be a match of strength versus endurance. Apocalypse is known of trying to do lethal moves, and inflict the most pain he can onto an opponent while JmK got his devastating finisher."

Dexter Smith: "You don't know a thing about this match do you Paul?... Apocalypse had shown his limit in a fight, his breaking point, when he can't take anymore but we haven't seen it from JmK. He is a veteran and its not even a contest! The man, who claims hell is coming for destruction is going to have a losing record!"

Paul Mitchell: "We still haven't been confirmed on if the Jason versus Apocalypse match was rigged or not, so we can't say he'd have a losing record if he lost. I believe this match is going to be closer then you think."

Dexter Smith: "Well I can't wait to prove you wrong."

Paul Mitchell: "Let's get ready for the match then shall we? And you can pay my the twenty bucks from the last bet you lost... Apocalypse versus JmK is next!"[/color]
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