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 Interview backstage

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PostSubject: Interview backstage   Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:28 am

*Cc Love is shown backstage, entering his locker room with a lady. On the door of the locker room the name Cc Hatred is scratched out, possibly confirming the rumours about the ancient legend. As the lady enters Cc turns round and the FRW interviewer Caitlyn Bella stands there and is waiting for Cc to respond*

Caitlyn Bella: You do remember that we were supposed to have an interview tonight don’t you? You seem a bit worse than normal.

*It is clear that Cc Love isn’t in the best physical state as he has a “travellers beard” , rough blacked eyes and rough hair style.*

Cc Love: I can’t, just not today. Please, excuse me.

Caitlyn Bella: I am sorry, but I have to get to the bottom of the rumours about your father. Is he around for us to have a few words?

Cc Love: No. He isn’t, but he isn’t where you think he is either.

Caitlyn Bella: … And where do we think he is?

Cc Love: He has not gone to the Witch Sword Federation.

Caitlyn Bella: Thank you for clearing that up, with the Rapper Dog and Wolves, we feared for his safety… but I must ask, why the new look? If your father is not in immediate danger then why do you look like a hobo?

Cc Love: I have had a rough two weeks. The pay I got from losing to Ezio Marvel was not what I thought and I could barely afford the limo. I have been chased by a debt collector and apparently one of their “agents” is now here in FRW. I now have to watch my back 24/7 around the people I thought I could trust.

Caitlyn: Well, you always have a friend in me.

*Caitlyn smiles at Cc, but he just looks at the ground*

Cc Love: We can do the interview; can you give me 3 minuites to freshen up?

Caitlyn Bella: That would be lovely; we can do it straight after the break.

Dexter Smith: I guess that’s our queue. Who is the sponsor this week Paul?

Paul Smith: This week our sponsor is the music band Axis of Awesome. Here is their no.1 hit 4 Chord Song.

*Cc Love exits his room, to find Rosa outside, fully set up.*

Caitlyn Bella: Good afternoon TWG Universe.

*Cc Love winces*

Caitlyn Bella: I am here with one of your newest upstarts, Cc Love. It’s good to see you again as no one has seen you since your crushing defeat by the cheating Ezio Marvel. What on your thoughts on how that match finished?

Cc Love: We all make history in different ways, I would have loved to win the main event of the first show, but I would have hated myself for having to have cheated someone else out of the win.

Caitlyn Bella: Thank you for your honesty and really, I was hoping for you to win. Next, it seems your father is missing… where is he?

Cc Love: Ahh, the most asked question so far. It seems that everyone thought he would go play cartoons but he has morals. Honestly Im not too sure where he is, he said something in a rush before leaving with a teddy bear, guitar and german beer from the fridge.

Caitlyn Bella: Well, at least let us know when you hear from him… Our last question is one from a Mr. Byatt and it is fan question.

Cc Love: Hit me with it.

Caitlyn Bella: With everything that’s happened recently. Do you think you will have a sustained future with FRW?

Cc Love: Obviously one of our smarter fans… or smarties, as I call them. I hope so, Caitlyn or. Mr.Byatt. The only way I would leave is if they made a real life Extreme Warfare Revenge.

Caitlyn Bella: Thank you Mr. Byatt for your question and on that note, we should get back to ringside.

*Cc Love’s “acquaintance” opens the door and Cc Love goes inside.*
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Interview backstage
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