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 Feeling the pain

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PostSubject: Feeling the pain   Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:25 am

Dexter Smith: Well, this match was as boring the last one...

Paul Mitchell: Shut up! This match was very interesting. I think you'll find the next one more interesting.

Dexter Smith: No way. The next match is Sergiu, the pathetic loser against Ajani Vengeant, who was knocked out cold
by Sergiu with only a move.

Paul Mitchell: That move was Sergiu's new finisher. He got very angry and he knocked out the doctors, bodyguards and ajani. I think
from now on we'll see a new Sergiu, with overwhelming power.

Dexter Smith: Fine,fine, let's just proceed.

*Meanwhile in the backstage, Ajani Vengeant is approaching the locker room with a hammer, where Sergiu was waiting for his match*

Ajani Vengeant: Hey there! You really had luck last week, didn't you? I'm here to destroy you, as the fans wish!

Sergiu: Heheh, you really are stupid, aren't you? Can't you see how they're playing with you? Anyway, I swore I'll provoke chaos
and pain to everyone who dares to stand in my way, and seems like you're here for more.

Ajani Vengeant: You were just lucky, and we both know that.

Sergiu: Hmm, what do you think, Sergiu wins the match by forfeit, since you won't come to the match...

Ajani Vengeant: We'll see about that.

*Ajani tries to hit Sergiu with the hammer, but the blow is dodged by Sergiu, who uses a steel chair
to hit Ajani. He hits Ajani 4 times with the chair, then he puts him Groggy, for his finisher.
He lifts Ajani's half dead body in the air, then he crushes his head on the steel floor executing
his finisher, the Chaos Theory*

Sergiu: I'll see you in the match, if you'll wake up until then.

*Sergiu leaves the backstage, going straight to the ring, in his corner*

Rosa McKenzie: And... in the left corner,the revenge seeker, Ajani Vengeant!

*Ajani was called four times already, but he isn't showing up. Rosa McKenzie announces the winner,
Sergiu, who won by forfeit. Sergiu's face is now covered with a smirk. He gets a mic from the commentators*

Paul Mitchell: Well, I sure didn't expect tha---

Sergiu: Can you shut the [censored] up? Ok. So, dear mindless fans, as you can see, your loved Ajani didn't show
up tonight, but let me give you better news, he wasn't scared, but, for some reasons, he couldn't
get up on his feets...

*The fans started to boo*

Sergiu: Heh, I love this atmosphere. Yes, you're all right. I knocked him out. Seems like he
wanted more pain, and I really felt good making him feel that. I feel so sorry for you, I'm honest!

*Sergiu laughs*

Sergiu: I'll keep crushing your dear wrestlers, injuring them, ending their careers, I'll do
everything to make you feel sorrow and pain, and, as always, you can do nothing else than
eating and chanting some names. As always, you're all useless. 'Til next time.

*Sergiu leaves the ring, as the camera slowly fades out*
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Feeling the pain
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