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 JmK's Interview

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PostSubject: JmK's Interview   Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:57 am

*Camera fades backstage were Caitlin Bella is about to interview JmK*

Caitlin Bella: "Hello everybody, tonight for the first time this season i will interview one of FRW's original wrestler, the first ever person to with the Lightning Heavyweight championship belt....

JmK: "...And the face of this company."

*The Crowd are heard booing in the background*

Caitlin Bella: "Um i don't think i would go that far, anyway's here we have JmK and its a pleasure to get the chance to interview you."

JmK: "And it's a pleasure to be here with you and all of the FRW audience tonight."

*Caitlin seem's confused*

Caitlin Bella: "Really?"


*JmK snatches the mic off Caitlin*

JmK: "So let me get straight to the point, tonight i have a match with some guy named Apocalypse... i don't know Apocalypse, i don't like Apocalypse, i don't respect Apocalypse, i have never been in the ring with Apocalypse and i don't give two [CENSORED] about Apocalypse, all i know is that he was in FRW last year and did quite well for himself but then again he was not in the ring with me. I am the greatest wrestler to ever step foot into a ring and aint nobody going to beat me, this season i have beaten HCTPF5 and tonight i will add Apocalypse to my list.

*JmK gives the mic back to Caitlin*

JmK: "Okay im done."

*JmK is about to leave but Caitlin stops him*

Caitlin Bella: "Wait before you leave atleast answer my questions."

JmK: "What questions?"

Caitlin Bella: "The questions i wanted to ask during this interview."

JmK: "Okay whatever make it quick, i got places to be and people to see."

Caitlin Bella: "Okay my first question is what is your goal in FRW."

Jmk: "I got no goal."

Caitlin Bella: "That's it?"  

JmK: "Yeah that's all, i got no goal, i come out an have a match and win everytime and that's about all, heck when in a title match i will have no clue its for the title and once i beat and embarrass my opponent the referee hands me the title belt and i would be like "Why you giving me this?" and he would be like "You won it" so yeah im shocked but then again i always win so yeah..."

Caitlin Bella: "Wow... anywho for my 2nd question i want to ask you, What championship belt are you mostly looking forward to win."

JmK: "Did you not listen to a word i said? I win everytime so in the end i will win and i will move up the ranks to number 1 once again like i did last time this company existed but this time will all the championship belts."

Caitlin Bella: "Well it seem's you got a bit of an ego."

*JmK chuckles*

JmK: "Nope. its all fact and i prove it everytime i am in the ring."

Caitlin Bella: "What if you lose tonight."

JmK: "I wont lose and that's a promise and we all know i keep my promises."

Caitlin Bella: "Well okay so for my 3rd and final question, why have you been so quite lately, we have rarely seen you speak, not only on FRW but in all the other wrestling company's you have been in this year."

JmK: "So you saying i have not done anything this year?"

Caitlin Bella: "No i didn't me..."

JmK: "No no, i understand what you mean, but i don't give a crap about what you or what anyone else thinks about me. I am the most dominant wrestler to ever step foot into this industry and we all know it's the truth and when i beat Apocalypse and humiliate him tonight you all will see and you all will believe..."

*JmK heads to his locker room as the camera's slowly fades away*
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JmK's Interview
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