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 Answers leave only more questions

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PostSubject: Answers leave only more questions   Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:11 am

Caitlin Bella: "I swear to god, if I lose this interview opportunity because you are slow, I will have you fired from this company."

Camera Man: "You trying running with a camera strapped to your back. I can only go as fast as I can!"

Caitlin Bella: "Well go faster!"

The bickering between the interviewer and the camera-man could be heard all the way down the wall, with the pilfering of feet showing where they were currently do. Both of them seemed to have a beat, and a path towards the Gorilla Position just behind the curtain, and much to their surprise when they got there, was that a lone figure stood patiently amongst the corner of the shadows.. The figure of a large man, symbols escorting the gray tunic of a cloak, hood always up... but the man seemed to be waiting for something, idly watching.

Caitlin Bella: "You are lucky he is here!"

Camera Man: "You aren't lucky, are you insane to try and talk to this man?... Caitlin... Caitlin!"

The camera crew got his inevitable answer unfortunately as Caitlin started to approach the figure, albeit a little cautiously at first, his microphone sticking out while Apocalypse just watched, but did nothing.

Caitlin Bella: "Apocalypse... Can I get a word with you for one minute? We have breaking news about some live footage at the parking lot and we were goi-..."

Apocalypse: "Caitlin.... Caitlin... Why must you torment your own soul by asking the obvious question to come?... You want to know the truth when the truth is in front of your eyes from the very beginning... You creep without fear of the unknown, of the justification of what is to come, even your crew behind you know the meaning of being afraid when around someone.. that at a moment's notice.. could turn this little game down a dark path."

Interrupting the woman, and snapping his fingers in unison, the man in the cloak just shook his head before moving forward. Closer towards the domain of the curtains, his back turned towards the woman.

Caitlin Bella: "HEY!... Don't turn your back on me when I have qu-..."

Apocalypse: "You do like to listen to yourself talk don't you Miss Bella... You know, that can be quite a tragic flaw if you meet the wrong person.. however.. I suppose I shall amuse you momentarily before I go out there and bring my reign of destruction, my pent up anger towards a man known as Smoke... and I assure you..  There will be no smoke and mirrors performance and by the end of it all, we won't be able to tell smoke signals of how big of a beating, how battered his body, how I will end his career in that ring. You see... people think they can take a bit of a road with me, but I was once King.. of the Hardcore.. A title not really befitting of my capabilities, but one I took just for the pure pleasure of bashing someone repeatedly with a chair, putting people through tables constantly.. and in this match? I will ensure several ladders will be broken along with Smoke's body but let us get to the reason you want to talk to me shall we?"

Turning sharply in the opposite direction, even Caitlin herself took a step back when Apocalypse turned directly on her, with those beaming, glowing red orbs. The slight smirk under the hood was picked up, but nothing else could be seen behind the fabric.

Apocalypse: "What happened to Mr. Sanchez was something that needed to happen, you see... You don't go around making fun of hell, and trying to cheat the man that will kill you out of a match he clearly had a victory in. I don't care for wins, and losses... but when someone gets in my way of me enjoying myself, me bloodying my competition to the verge of him passing out from the blood loss? Then it becomes a matter that needs to be deal with... permanently and Mr. Sanchez has put in his letter of resignation, however his signature might be a little... bloody from doing so. When someone posses a problem, you extinguish it before it becomes a tyrant of a flame you can't get rid of. You douse it before it factors in and I did, just that... if anything.. Mr. Sheldon should be thanking me for getting rid of a threat, and tonight... oh tonight.. I will be doing the very same thing in that ring.. for hell there is no tomorrow for my victims... Prepare for the Armageddon but.... Welcome... to the Apocalypse!... Hahaha..."

Turning away, and now beginning to walk through the curtain for his own match to begin. Caitlin looked a little stunned, confused by what just happened and how she wasn't able to get a word in edge-wise.. The camera-man however? He had plenty to say, and couldn't hold back a snicker.

Camera-man: "That went better then I expected... you still want to try and interview him in the future Caitlin?.. He really did a number on you."

Caitlin Bella: "SHUT UP JERRY!!! And turn the camera off!"

Screen goes to black with Caitlin approaching the camera.
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Answers leave only more questions
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