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 Who could be these guys?

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PostSubject: Who could be these guys?   Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:21 am

The camera cuts to parking lot of Fatal RuleZ Wrestling.It shows a majority of automobiles.Suddenly the camera turns over to a limousine that is turning around the corner of the arena entrance to the parking lot.As the limo finds it's way into the
parking lot it stops and parks quickly.The front door of the limo opens and a chauffeur steps out.The chauffeur looks around suspiciously and goes to the back of the limo.The chauffeur opens the back doors and comes out is a muscular hooded man with sports bags falling
behind him.The hooded man faces the direction of the chaffuer and points at the fallen bags.

Hooded man: Please don't make the Kentastic one tell you what you have to do it's your job.

The chaffuer:Oh yes yes sir sorry...

As the chaffuer bends over to pick up the sport bags another muscular hooded man steps out the limo and bumps into the chaffuer causing him the chaffuer to fall on the ground.

Hooded Man 2: Guardi dove va you idiot.

The chauffeur mumbles under his breath as he get's up.

The chauffeur: I apologize sir here are your bags.

The chauffeur bends over again grabbing the bags and passing them to the hooded men.

Hooded man: Do your job better next time buddy boy or you'll never get your paycheck.

Hooded Man 2: Like ever he's going to get a paycheck from the returning Dashing Elite.

Hooded Man: Haha you're right but now let's get going because we have an impact to make.

The both hooded man start to laugh as they both make their way to the FRW arena entrance.When the hooded men make their way inside the chauffeur flips them off.The camera fades away
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Who could be these guys?
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