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 Live video footage

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PostSubject: Live video footage   Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:19 am

Footage began to play on the titan-tron, depicting a black and white scenario, position of what one could see was looking down on a parking lot of some sort. The camera, had to be one of the security cameras with the time-stamp on it declared for earlier today, when people were just starting to get into the arena. A black sedan began to pull into a space, turning to the left and letting the roar of the engine die with the keys now pulled from the ignition. Driving side door opened, revealing the same referee, Mr. Ramone Sanchez who participated in a number of matches last week, one very important one being the Apocalypse versus Jason Storm match. Trunk was opened, and a duffle-bag was pulled from it before it was closed, and he started to walk forward.

Ramone Sanchez: "Another night... another paycheck.. Life is soo hard sometimes."

???: "Life is about to get much harder, in your case I am afraid Mr... Sanchez is it? We have something we need to... discuss if you will."

The voice, came from nowhere and startled the referee who was turning around, back and forth trying to match the sound with a face or a body so he knew who it could be. He had heard the voice before, and how it sounded disgruntled, but he just couldn't see anyone in the parking lot. Duffle back was dropped, and hands instinctively raised into the air, inches from his chest.

Ramone Sanchez: "Look, if its about that overdue parking ticket... I told the Police Department that I was going to deal with it as soon as I can, you got to give me longer then a week!.. I don't make much as a referee, I just count the ones, twos and threes... Just give me a bit of time will ya?"

???: "Is that so?.. You see, I find that quite amusing.. almost humerous that you would say something like that... when the darkness knows otherwise. You see, eyes of the darkness, and the shadows every little move.. everything that happens around here. No matter, if you think you got privacy, someone will be watching. You don't make much money you say?... How about the fact that you were paid a little extra last week just for you, just to be special... and your job, your job ain't even to pat the mat three times these days... Its a shame, you weren't even my first intended target.. you weren't even on my list for a while.... How pitiful humanity is to want to die soo early in their cause."

Ramone Sanchez: "What are you talking about?.. Alright!.. Thats it!... Show yourself... SHOW YOURSELF NOW!.. COME OUT!"

The referee had reverted to yelling to try and get the voice to come out, to show itself. Almost backed into a corner with propaganda that he unleashed in a fit of a yelling match. On his command, there would be a glimmer of the darkness moving however, enough to see the trademark cloak with the egyptian and demonic symbols written in it. His posture, taller then Ramone and more intimidating by the bulky, broad shoulders, and the behemoth like stance. His position showed he was in front of the referee now, hood kept pulled down to hide his face, cover it from view.

Apocalypse: "Peek-a-boo, is that much better for you Mr. Sanchez... I do hate it when people hide themselves or hide secrets as well, it can be a bothersome when the opposition finds out, and you are left hanging from a couple of meat-hooks, ripping from your ribs while you scream in agony, in pain in the hopes it will quell your blood-loss to the point someone will notice.. but alas.. you are in a dark.. desolate area.. nowhere to run, nowhere to get help.. left hanging till the last essence of life-force quenches from your body. Now, we should get back onto the topic at hand shouldn't we Mr. Sanchez.. I believe I found out that Mr. Storm, decided to give you a few dollars on the side, didn't he? Just so he could get a victory over Hell's Messenger.. the man that will cause ruin here in FRW.. Would I be correct?"

Ramone Sanchez: "Ap-pocalypse?... What are you doing here?.. no no.. You got it all wrong.. There was no-thing like that at all.. no..no..nothing like that. You really need to leave.. Umm.. better yet!.. I'll just go, bec-cause those accusations are... offensive."

Turning to get and get out of dodge, looking for the best exit, he turned to the right but before he could take a step forward another figure came into the lime-light... A masked man with a full body skeleton on his uniform, and on the mask itself? Was a skull, eyes staring straight at him. It was like a biker mask, one of those cloth bandanas you used to hide your entire face. The masked figure gave a shake of his head.

Death: "You sssssshall do no sssssssssuch thing."

Ramone took a step back but he hit something solid on the other end, turning his body to see a hulking mass behind him. Another masked figure, this one dressed in red and have a sword dripping in blood along the cloth mask, signaling who he was.

War: "No one is going anywhere, until Lord Apocalypse is done."

Getting scared, petrified by the surrondings, Ramone took a run to the left, unfortunately.. another figure took its time to step into position and halt his progress. Forming a close circle around, with only one spot left to run. Ramone began to head that way but before he could get to the exit of the circle, another figure blocked the path. The figures respectively were dressed in black, one having a bow on his mask, dripping with some kind of poison by the color of the elixir, a vibrant green. The other man, showed a scale being weighed out evenly onto it.

Famine: "The balance of power has not shifted evenly yet... We haventh takenth away while you have have took soo greedily just yet."

Conquest: "We will be taking over this battlefield you have unjustly tainted... it is time we remove the curse, the poison in this domain we intend to rule."

Apocalypse: "Those accusations you deem unfit... are true, and while you think you can get away with it against anyone... their is always reprocussions to it.. Every action... has a similar reaction and unfortunately for you Mr. Sanchez, your reaction is coming a lot sooner then you expected.. Did you really think you could run from me?.. DID YOU?? Did you think.. you could escape with your life still in-tacted after the way you cost me my debut match here?.. Wrestlers are usually suspended, or fined when they both their hands on a referee like you.. but there is always a loop-hole to that effect.. I won't be touching you.. no no.. I won't dirty my hands on such filth... such cowardly abundance of mortality you really are.

Ramone Sanchez: "Pl-.. Please!.. Just let me go.. Listen.. I'll give you the money Storm gave me.. if you want it.. Just take it!"

Apocalypse: "Do you think I honestly need your money?.. I need something as low as wealth from you?... Do you want to hear a story Mr. Sanchez.. it is a fascinating one and maybe the last one you will ever hear. When the rapture, the armageddon is upon us all... when Apocalypse lights the world in destruction, there is usually a sign before it all, to warn you humans of that very cause.. the disaster to reach the world.. Look up... Up to the sky to heed the warning, for above.. flames danced across hooves, licking their mane in a bundle of fire... Flowing through the clouds at night.. they are.. the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.. Death... Famine.. Conquest... And War.. All which give specific signs of how the Apocalypse is to start, and what it will take away from mortals... humanity.. Welcome.. to my Horsemen Sanchez.. and welcome.. to the end of your mortality."

A nod of the head was the only signal the horsemen needed to approach the referee. The camera only catching a circle of masked men, punching and kicking downward where Ramone Sanchez use to be.. all while that familiar laughter reigned supreme of Apocalypse, who turned and walked away from the scene.. The camera feed going dead and leaving the fans wondering what exactly they had just saw.[/i]
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Live video footage
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