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 Madness, no, maybe Sparta(nevermind)

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PostSubject: Madness, no, maybe Sparta(nevermind)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:23 am

*As HCTPF5 leaves ring laughing, the doctors came to Sergiu, who's knocked out full of blood. They put Sergiu on a stretcher leaving to the backstage*

Dexter Smith: He got knocked out so easy. I always tought he's useless, but this is even worse!

Paul Mitchell: This is the first time I agree with you! HCTPF5 totally destroyed him.

*Meanwhile in the cabinet*

Sergiu: Get those things off me!

Doctor: Stay calm! You shouldn't move or talk right now.

Sergiu: I said get them off!

Doctor: Don't move!

*Sergiu gets a chair and hits the doctor leaving him knocked out cold, then gets out of the cabinet, where the bodyguards wanted to stop him*

Bodyguard: Buddy, you can't leave. We recieved orders to stop anyone who wants to enter the backstage.

Sergiu: Then I'll make my way through!

*Sergiu punches the bodyguard, then slams him on the wall, leaving him full of blood, then gaTor shows up looking for a fight*

gaTor: Hey, you lost like a noob and now you're raging here? I'll show you how inferior you are, as a revenge for these two.

Dexter Smith: Hey Paul, seems like gaTor and Sergiu are having fun in the backstage!

Paul Mitchell: This is not good!

*gaTor tries to hit Sergiu, but he dodges and uses a knees lift to put him Groggy*

Sergiu: Take this, from an inferior being!

Paul Mitchell: Sergiu lifts gaTor on his shoulders, then-- wait, what the hell just happenned?

Sergiu: That's my new finisher, the Chaos Theory. You should be glad you're the first one to take it. Chaos can't be explained, but from now on, I'll share and provoke pain and sadness with every opportunity with everyone here.

Dexter Smith: Now this is fun!

Paul Mitchell: That move was devastating! There's no way gaTor can get up alone now!

*Sergiu leaves to the locker room satisfied, where Caitlin Bella was waiting*

Caitlin Bella: Hey Bloody Mary! Nice show, you got beaten up like a twelve years old kid, no wonder! Even those stupid fans who once said they love you laughed hard and they even chanted HCTPF5's name for that! 

Sergiu: SHUT UP!

Caitlin Bella: I don't have time to argue with you, we're on air, your first interview with blood on face!

Sergiu: Don't--

Caitlin Bella: Hey FRW fans, we're here with Sergiu, who couldn't lift a finger against HCTPF5, who destroyed him completly, as you can see. Damn you're ugly. Nevermind, what do you have to say?

Sergiu: You know what? I don't give a [censored] about your interviews, I never did! And you retarted fans, I'm sick of acting good to impress you mindlessy fans. All you shitty fans can do is to chant some stupid words which don't even make sense. I don't need you, I never did!

*The whole arena started to boo, and surprisingly, Sergiu, who once said that he loves the fans, seemed happy*

Sergiu: That's right! Boo me! That's all you can do, express your unnecesarry feelings towards someone, who doesn't even care. All you can do is to sit on a damn chair while eating a hamburger. You saw my finisher destroying gaTor, didn't you? I felt an imense happiness when I knocked out cold one of your favourite wrestlers, and I'll do that for the rest of my career. NOW GET THIS CAMERA OUT OF MY WAY.

*As Sergiu locks the door, the camera slowly fades out*

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PostSubject: Re: Madness, no, maybe Sparta(nevermind)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:58 am

great heel turn serg, well done now keep insulting the fans and beating people up and you'll be a great heel
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Madness, no, maybe Sparta(nevermind)
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