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 Payback is a ___

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PostSubject: Payback is a ___   Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:13 am

 *HCTPF5 is seen backstage with Caitlin Bella* 

Caitlin Bella: HCTPF5 , i don't mean to make fun of you of something like that but how are you feeling about losing your first match?

HCTPF5: The referee in that match was an absolute moronic idiot! i didn't tap out to the strangle hold. 

Caitlin Bella: The idiot ref thought you did right? 

HCTPF5: My hand tapped the mat once..ONCE..not multiple times and that was only because i was on my way to escape the hold. 

Caitlin Bella:  Tapping is a terrible way to determine a winner i think we should all do it the classic way by screaming "I quit". 

HCTPF5: I actually agree , if i wanted to signify me surrendering i would have screamed "I submit" or crap like that. Fact is i got freaking screwed last week. 

Caitlin Bella: Tonight you will face Sergiu in a No DQ match , how are you feeling about that? 

HCTPF5: I am gonna go out there and bust that bastard wide open and the announcer will have to announce what was he originally supposed to announce last week. 

Caitlin Bella: Which is?

HCTPF5: The winner of the match by knockout: HERE COMES THE PAIN F5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

*HCTPF5 grins in a nasty way and walks away as the camera fades away* 
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Payback is a ___
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