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 The silence attack (directly after arabashes match)

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PostSubject: The silence attack (directly after arabashes match)   Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:48 pm

Arabash begins to celebrate his win and climbs up a turnbuckle and cheers with the crowd, however the crowd begin to boo and as Arabash turns around he sees Dead Silence standing behind him in the ring with a mic in his hands. The crowd boo even louder and as Arabash turns to where he was facing he sees Ben walking towards him also with a mic in his hands.
Ben: Hey Arabash, firstly nice win there you really did well... it’s just a shame you had to be our first target
Dead Silence: Don’t even think about escaping because that will only make your suffering last longer
Arabash is hesitant into what to do but before he can decided Dead Silence hits him in the back of the head with the mic he is holding. Ben now climbs into the ring and stomps on Arabash and then lifts him up, as he is lifted up Dead Silence spears him onto the ground. As the sear is happening Ben exposes one of the turnbuckles and then Dead silence Irish whips Arabash into the exposed turnbuckle. Both men attack him at the same time now using their mics to hit Arabashes body repeatedly. Both men then take turns in using their trademarks and finishers on Arabash and finally Ben piledrivers Arabash in the middle of the ring and leave him unconscious as The Silence begin to speak again.
Ben: As you can see me and Dead Silence hold great power and we can do this any time
Dead Silence: We can do this to anybody in the federation and that is what we intend to do
Ben: So to all wrestlers back there, keep your guard up as you never know when we might attack
Dead Silence: Over time we will attack each superstar and dominate in matches, we will also pick up every title there is
Ben: And after we get the titles, we are going for the company and The Silence will finally fall over all of FRW

Ben and Dead Silence then proceed to leaving the ring as the camera zooms in on the unconscious body of Arabash who is covered in blood, the camera then begins to fade out
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The silence attack (directly after arabashes match)
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