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 An Unbelievable Talent

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Swift Ion


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PostSubject: An Unbelievable Talent    Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:47 pm

Swift Ion is in an handstand position
doing pushups upside down

Caitlin Bella: "Here is one of FRW's newest acquainted Star, please welcome Swift Ion. Ion, may I ask what is you are doing?"

Swift Ion: This is how I get ready for my matches, the mind ready, the body
ready. What happens is that the blood flows to my head. So mentally, i'm getting ready for my match and warming up the body muscles."

Swift Ion flips back down on his feet

Caitlin Bella: "Swift, the FRW Universe knows your an highflyer, and an wildling daredevil, but this is even
extraordinary for you. When did you start doing that?"

Swift Ion: "I pretty much been doing this my whole life, this is how I get ready, and its unbelievable from the uforia that comes over you will mentally ready you for anything. You should try this."

Caitlin Bella: "I'm in a dress though. I can try."

Swift Ion takes the microphone

Caitlin Bella: "So do I just do a handstand?"

Swift Ion: "Yeah, just get on your knees and hands. You know what, I don't want your dress dirty."

Caitlin gets up off the ground and takes back
the microphone

Caitlin Bella: "That took alot of work."

Swift Ion: Well, next time bring a
T-shirt and some compression shorts. We'll be set and I can teach some of this."

Caitlin Bella: "I will be ready for that. I'm here with Swift Ion from FRW
Active. Good luck in your debut Match."

The Camera fades away as Swift Ion walks
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An Unbelievable Talent
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