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 Back stage banter [after match one - Show 1[

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PostSubject: Back stage banter [after match one - Show 1[   Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:57 pm

*the camera goes into the back where smoke is talking to caitlin*

Caitlin: Smoke calm down you know this is what he wants

Smoke: listen caitlin he gives me a match next week against Apo whoever the guy is, he just doesn't get it I know he's the gm of FRW see your better at this than me caitlin you don't go off on one one how can you keep so calm

Caitlin: Well Smoke its just like when we're at home isn't it especially when it comes to sport plus you have that tendency to storm out when things don't go your way

Smoke: Caitlin have you heard yourself me storm out when things don't go my way you know what Caitlin I'm gonna have a walk

Caitlin: see what I mean how can I

*the camera goes to ringside before Caitlin finishes her sentance*
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Back stage banter [after match one - Show 1[
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