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 I am...I am... I am Apocalypse

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PostSubject: I am...I am... I am Apocalypse   Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:55 am

Just before the next match was going to be started, people in the audience and in the arena somewhere was waiting for the resurrection of Jason Storm versus the man known only as Apocalypse. The commentators were doing their job, hyping the match up as a distinct clash of the titans... The speed demon with his masterful skill versus a man that only wants to unleash punishment on his victims. Do nothing but cause pain and torment, no matter if it didn't lead to the win all the time.

Paul Mitchell: "This should be a highly entertaining match Dexter. Even if we are here to see Jason perform those acrobatic stunts and maybe even catch the Eye of the Storm."

Dexter Smith: "Jason Storm has done almost all in the business to date, while there are only rumors about this man known as Apocalypse... One title, destruction of federations.. why on Earth did we sign this guy?"

Paul Mitchell: "We were short on superstars, and Apocalypse has a strange... cult following."

While the commentating team continue to go on, and on about why they hired a man known as Apocalypse who didn't have that good of a track record, it was then that the lights began to flash, completely darken the arena and cast everyone into the shadows of the night. The creepy music from the carnival started to play over the PA System, while a female voice brought power to her voice, to play over the tune.

Female Voice: "Weeeeeelcome to the Cirrrrcus.... The blooooody.... Cirrrrrrcus.... Where no one...... LIVVVVVVES!"

The tone of the female changed on one specific words, turning the voice into a strangely malicious, voice that cradled with anger. It was on the symbol of the change of voice, for lightning to strike the ramp in a shower of effects! The sparks that flew was mightly, but it had a clear reasoning for it.. On command, a pillar of flame formed in the center of the ramp, moving outward in two squares, before each individual flame went down vertically to make bars, turning the flame-show into gates. A figure stood alone, moving from the gorilla position to stare down at the gates, a spot-light created to shine only on him would notice a cloak that covered his body, and hood. The strange part of the cloak? It had red, and white stripes going down the sign, almost like a tent or a ringmaster's jacket. A microphone was gripped into the figure's right hand, as he took his first few steps, forward. Each pace, methodically, meditated for a purpose, no care in his body's expression as he went through the gates! The strange thing? He didn't start to burn, his cloak didn't catch fire... he went right through the gates like it wasn't even there, and landed on the opposite side.

Paul Mitchell: "What is going on here?!?!"

Dexter Smith: "Someone... is going through fire... WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!"

With the struggles of the commentating team trying to figure out what was going on between them. The hood of the figure lifted slightly, letting people catch the red orbs, demonic gaze fitted on each and every one of them. He had a sickening grin on his face, smug look, confident, arrogant.. happy to be here to cause destruction, and it all became clear when he brought his microphone to his lips.

???: "I am the end.... of days... I am the destruction that had found its path to this... small... measly organization. I am... the bringer of the end... I am... the rapture. I am... the darkness.... I am the shadows..  I am the fear that creeps in your very soul... I am the reason your mortality will be gone... the reason you will have no humanity left, no sanity. I am... doom incarnate... I am Lucifer's angel... I am deaths overload... I am the start of an Armageddon in which no one will be able to survive from."

Paul Mitchell: "This man is creepy, what is he going on about?"

Dexter Smith: "Shhh, let him talk before he comes at us."

???: "I caused the destruction of two federations before me... I was the chaos that spurred in the moment, that caused anarchy to rise between the ranks. I was the sole reason that NWR ceases to exist today... I may have lost the battle with the Voodoo Lord... but I... I won the battle and corrupted him in taint just like others before me. No man, no monster, no legend, is ever the same when they step into the circus tent, and fall victim to chaos incarnate.. to hell's messenger. My destruction, my carnage didn't stop with NWR... Oh no.. I took my talents to the Bloody Circus of Armageddon Wrestling, with my entourage called the Horsemen of Apocalypse... Together, me and my pawns took down the knight, and holy symbol of Armageddon, Ajani Goldmane.. He battered, we bruised.. We destroyed their GM in Zaphod Beeblebrox... I single handedly invoked a wraith upon that organization that was never.... ever felt before. I took-over.. I claimed it as mine and it became my show, until its very decrepit... decayed self couldn't handle any longer, and Ajani.... gave up.... Hahhahaha....hahahaha... "

The figure, continued his triumphant walk down the ramp-way, slow, and steady until he stood at the very edge of the ring.. to the side but made no movement to enter it. He just stood there, while the titantron flashed above, signaling eyes, red pupils setting itself onto the screen... It was his eyes! Looking around, down upon everyone.

???: "I am the eater of worlds... I am the eyes... of the darkness... I am the lord and savior of everything unfortunate.. I am the leader of anarchy... I am the tidal-wave of destruction... I am.... I am.... I am.... APOCALYPSE!!!"

The spot-light that was once upon Apocalypse now turned off, leaving him in complete darkness like everyone else, but don't worry.. The lights turned on seconds later, just enough time to notice the behemoth of a man in Apocalypse was in the ring, staring at the ramp way, waiting for his chance to begin his decree of pain.

Paul Mitchell: "Another cryptic message.. at the hands of this man."

Dexter Smith: "Light shows are something Paul.. but lets see how he does in the ring? See if those words aren't hollow."

Paul Mitchell: "We will get our chance to find out if he can, when he tussles with Jason Storm... NEXT!"
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I am...I am... I am Apocalypse
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