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 The Arrival of the Grappling Master

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Royler Gracie

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PostSubject: The Arrival of the Grappling Master   Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:40 am

The camera slowly comes into picture as we see a simple man, dressing in a brazilian jiu jitsu gi with a black belt around his waist. His posture and gaze exuding confidence and poise.

Royler Gracie: My name is Royler Gracie, I am a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and that means I am automatically far superior to anyone in this business in terms of grappling ability. I am not here to make friends, or play nice, I am here only to win.

Some minor boos from the crowd can be heard.

Royler Gracie: I am a submission technician, capable of breaking bones at any time I wish. I have perfected the art of throwing your opponent around the ring like a ragdoll, which is precisely what they are when they try to compete in the squared circle with me. I am the Submission Technician, The Suplex Machine, the greatest technician in wrestling history, I am, ROYLER GRACIE!

the crowd erupts in loud boos.

As the camera fades, Royler lifts his arms out to each side of him and brings his fingers to his palms repeatedly, as if he welcome the boos and the hate of the crowd as the camera fades out.
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The Arrival of the Grappling Master
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