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 The beast arrives

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PostSubject: The beast arrives    Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:25 am

*A limo is seen parking in the parking lot and a huge muscular man with a beard exits the car*

???: So that's the place? not bad at all.

*Caitlin Bella is seen approaching the man with a mic*

Caitlin Bella: So are you the new signing?

???: You bet your ass i am.

Caitlin Bella: WOW..i can't believe this.

???: I can.

Caitlin Bella: Welcome to FRW HCTPF5! i heard so much stuff about you.

HCTPF5: Probably like 50% of those stuff were about my attitude problems and other crap?

Caitlin Bella: Yes.

HCTPF5: Pff.

Caitlin Bella: ANYWAY , how did you hell did you get to sign with FRW?

HCTPF5: The GM of this company knows how damn good i am so he gave me a HUUUUUGE contract with lots of digits and i deemed this place worthy of my presence.

Caitlin Bella: What are your plans for FRW?

HCTPF5: I plan on kicking ass and winning titles..and that's pretty much it.

Caitlin Bella: I wish you good luck in your new amazing career.

HCTPF5: Oh and one more thing , anyone in this locker room that has a problem with me or the way i act and handle my business i advise you to shut the hell up and not do anything about that because you will end having a very bad time.

*HCTPF5 grins in a evil way to the camera and walks off*

Caitlin Bella: Back to you guys.

*The camera cuts to ringside*

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The beast arrives
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