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PostSubject: THE INFAMOUS DEBUT OF A CERTAIN PUNK!   Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:53 am

(JASON STORM makes his way down to the ring....only to be attacked by LUCAS PUNK!)

LUCAS PUNK: See that?! See what i just did?! I took out STORM! why? because tonight im making a statement... a statement to all of you stupid, fat fans and even that ugly, selfish gm that you hate, JMK!

(LUCAS PUNK takes out his contract)

LUCAS PUNK: Do any of you mindless people know what this is?.... I'ts called a contract! I'm signed to FRW, but why am I continuously mis-used and forced to be a jobber? I know exactly why and FRW you know exactly why too. I'ts because I'm LUCAS PUNK! I'm the single most dominant force in pro wrestling today, and the people in charge of FRW are jealous! You want the spotlight and you know it. So if you want to water me down more, try your best! Because I challenge you anyone to a STEEL CAGE MATCH next week on FRW!

(a thunderous pyro hits as Ajani makes his way down to the ring)

Ajani: You know what punk? This is why you job... your the selfish one, not only that you're arogant, annoying, and you cry like a baby! But since you want someone so bad then you can have.... me! and if you win i'll give you my shot at the world championship!

(ajani turns around getting ready to go backstage....suddenly, PUNK attacks Ajani, giving him a spear followed by a gts! THE CROWD BOO HIM!)

LUCAS PUNK: Ajani you just made the biggest mistake in your pathetic life!
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