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 Welcome to the.... Circus(Teaser)

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PostSubject: Welcome to the.... Circus(Teaser)   Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:26 am

Static started to rain down across the titan-tron in the middle of the ring, causing confusion to spread across the faces of several of the audience members while others were sitting back, getting comfortable for what was next on the card for tonight. The announcers, were looking between each other for a solution but they had none, just when Paul Mitchell was about to speak of this strange circumstance... the power flickered off leaving them in total darkness.

Paul Mitchell: "We seem to be having some power outage problems at the moment. We hope to get this fixed as soon as possible... I really don't know what is going on but we hope to get this fixed when we can.

Dexter Smith: "What my friend forgets to understand, since his brain cells are too low is that our microphones are still working. So something else is going on but its not the power... We had another match scheduled but it looks like we are being informed that someone is providing a little distraction from our show.[/b]

Paul Mitchell: "We will try to inform you what is going on whe-...

Paul Mitchell was cut silent as strange music started to play over the PA System, it had a strange vibe to it, leaning towards the horrific, scary but with an added touch of fun. The music played for a little bit, running on a loop so everyone in the arena could get a dose of what was being played, and what kind of carnival tune was being interjected.

After what felt like a full minute, the static from the titan-tron turned into a sheer of a black screen, yet in the background some kind of image could be spurred into it. A tent?.. At first.. It looked like a red and white tent, however the strange part was that it was in the middle of a forest, during the night.

Female voice: "Weeeeelcome to the Caaaarnival..... Weeeeelcome to the Cirrrrrcus..... the bloooody..... cirrrrcus."

The voice of a young female could be heard, singing those words out but nothing else. Singing almost in a prayer, sing-song voice before the screen cut into several images together piling on, flustering together in screams, people in pain!... Blood everywhere! Going back and forth between these images before it stopped on a Ringmaster, dressed to the nines in his suit, and proclaiming to the audience from inside the big tent, but when the camera zoomed around to look at the fans, there was none in the audience.. only bodies, decaying.

Ringmaster: "Weeeelcome!... One and all to the greatest show on Earth!.. This is a once in a life-time event, so please.. please.. don't get up and leave during any of the festivities. We have some bone-chilling stunts which will have you screaming for no more! At the end, we have a special event for all of you!.. You will be part of the act!.. For this night only, and your night only alive! We will cast you in the role of the Lion.. fearsome... mighty.. and you just have to... try and... SURVIVE!!.. Hahaha!.. The show must go on!.. Get the lights, and let us begin with our first panic-inflicting stunt of the evening!"

He spoke in a deep, enthralling tone yet there was a methodically nature on how he pronounced certain words, lengthened them out and made them the focal point. It all ended with a whip before images began to roll again, all while the music was playing. The next several images showed one of a contortionist, flexing her body around so her feet was touching her head, while on the other side, a normal looking person screaming in pain as his body was being contorted in that position. The image flashed before anyone could see the true damage to go to a knife thrower, performing for the audience while a spinning bulls-eye with a scared, and frightened woman was attached to it, asking to be released.. pleading for her life. There were several knives thrown around her, just missed by inches and for the final knife? It was thrown backwards and the video cut out before it connected, ending with a scream. The final video that played from the circus was more of a life experience then anything. A young male was placed in a cage, for his chance to be a lion, the only issue being.. there was already a lion in the cage! Only screams of muffled panic rose to the PA-System before the video was cut off once again, leaving the titan-tron black again... only momentarily to bring forth someone being caught on camera, running through the woods, the forested area. The video showing the frightened teens face, looking back and forth.. sweat peeling from his forehead.

Young Male: "I need to get out of here.... I need to get out of here... Please lord... Pl-l..please get me out of here... I just want to go ho-..."

He didn't have a chance to finish that sentence as the camera fell to the ground as the young teenager looked to have tripped onto the ground. The last fleeting image the recording had was looking at the male, down the line, head first, then body on the ground stomach first.. before him screaming as something dragged him with a furious, quickened pace back into the foliage, the brush of the wilderness before the camera was turned off. The same iconic female voice slinking out through the PA System again, muttering the very same, exact words as before... Still singing it except one line was different.

Female voice: "Weeeeelcome to the Caaaarnival..... Weeeeelcome to the Cirrrrrcus..... the bloooody..... cirrrrcus. Wheeeere.....nooooonee......liiiiiiives."

The carnival song stopped, and everything looked to be going back to normal until Lightning in the form of fireworks shattered onto the rampway! Igniting together in flames to form some kind of gate that was opened, the gates of fire, mimicked that of a demonic presence, and that voice, deep, intimidating spoke the same. The lingering voice, yet familiar to certain, die-hard FRW fans collapsed in the PA System to speak only once.

Unknown Voice: "Weeeelcome to my Circus... Welcome... to the end...Hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHA!!

Laughter cutting off with the lights turning back on, and the titan-tron going back to normal. Everything seemed fine, except for the gates that were on fire, still on the rampway. People was puzzled, some were even stunned by this strange phenomenon that just occurred. Even the broadcast team was completely bewildered judging by their expressions, but nevertheless, they had a job to do.

Paul Mitchell: "What was that about?.."

Dexter Smith: "I think we should be more worried on who that was.. the end?.. The end is never good."

Paul Mitchell: "You are right about that Dexter, but lets get some of the backstage crew to put out this fire, so we can get ready for our next match"

Dexter Smith: "Be back after the commercial break..."
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Welcome to the.... Circus(Teaser)
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