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 C4's entrance

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PostSubject: C4's entrance   Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:05 am

A limo pulls up in the parking lot and the driver opens his door and gets out. As the driver goes to open the door the window on the side opens and a face pops out.

??: Other side jackass!

After this the people inside laugh and the driver semi runs to open the other side. Upon opening the door a taller, aged man gets out and thanks the driver for his kindness and pays him, while a younger, more brutal looking man pushes past and laughs as the driver falls over.

Cc Hatred: I am sorry for my son, I left him with my ex-wife too long and he caught her temperament. JUNIOR! Come and apologize to this young man and help him up with me.

Cc Love: Screw you old man.

Cc Love walks off through the doors to the backstage area and leaves his father to clean up his mess, after a few seconds talking Cc Love looks back through the doors at his father, pushes them open and shouts.

Cc Love: Come on you old buffoon, the interview is in 3 minutes and I can’t be late for my first tv air time because of you.

Paul Mitchell: That’s our cue for a commercial break Dexter, who is brought to us by today?

Dexter Smith: It’s Twist and Pulse of course, the dance sensation that is now going on tour worldwide!

Paul Mitchell: Great, now a quick video about our sponsor.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_zrtwycxVg - convert into show

As the show comes back on air Cc Love is frogmarching his dad down the hall towards a waiting Caitlyn Bella who sees them coming and sets up for an interview.

Cc Love: Yo! How’s it hanging bredbin? We iz doin an interview wid you? What iz up with all these women around here?

Caitlyn: Err… what? Are you the Charles family?

Cc Hatred: Yes, that is us. I am sorry for my sons language, it seems he is “in persona” for an interview here in FRW!

Caitlyn: Ok, well I just have a few questions before you both get prepared for Cc Love’s first match ever.

Cc Hatred: He has a match tonight?

Cc Love: Thanks for ruining the surprise chick. You are more stupid than you look. I’m out, I don’t wish to talk to people not on my brain length, and maybe I’ll find Sheldon. Goodbye Father, see you in the locker room.

Caitlyn: Well, looks like we have a solo interview now, so how do you think your presence will change the future of FRW?

Cc Hatred: I think both of us can only help, I am willing to teach younger wrestlers like I have my son, even though he may not win, he is a good all a rounder.

Caitlyn: Ahh good, the next question is solely for you, when do you think your first match under this roof will be?

Cc Hatred: I’m not at liberty to say, Sheldon is a good boss and I would do nothing to harm his product.

Caitlyn: Finally, do you think that in the future you could have problems with other people here?

Cc Hatred: You never know, with massive egos like JmK, Spider Man, Ezio Marvel, Apocolypse, Gronki, Arabash Marvel and some guy named Bork Laser, we could all go mad before the end.

Caitlyn: Thank you were done with TWG interviews, back to the action!
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C4's entrance
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