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 Vengeance and The Rising of Storm!

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PostSubject: Vengeance and The Rising of Storm!   Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:49 am

*The Song Thanks for the Memories starts to play, a person appears and Walks down the ramp. The Person gets a mic*

Person: Hmm... Everyone of you are Wondering who am i Well i am Shadow Storm! I am the Most Perfect Wrestler! And i can prove it to all of you, I can fight anyone who is in my way! And no one can stop me, I will Shatter your Bones! Make you Bleed! and make you beg for Mercy!

*Crowd chants "We're not Scared! A clip is shown about the Matches of Shadow Storm*

Shadow Storm: Now you all see that! i can beat anyone. I can end there career! And i don't need weapons to destroy you! My Arms and Legs and Fist are my Weapons! I've beaten all your heroes! Now ill tell you guys a story when i was little, When i went to school i was the Most Intelligent Person in my class, I was the Most Charming and i was the Most Rich person, One day i was going home and this Bully pushed me and i was so mad and i punched him back using my Customized Brass Knuckles! Now you see this Brass Knuckles im wearing, this is what i used to punch that person and i will also use this to knockout anyone in that locker room!

*Crowd Boo's and chants "You Cant Wrestle!"

Shadow Storm: I Cant Wrestle huh! Haven't i showed enough evident's? Well lets see if the GM gives me a Match tonight! and im sure it will be the end of my opponent! And i will be always the Most Perfect Wrestler!

*Half of the Crowd boo's, the other Half of the Crowd cheer's*

Shadow Storm: Just Remember this! Ill be hiding in the Shadows!

*Shadow Storm throws a ball on the ground, Smoke's Appear, Shadow Storm Disappeared!*

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PostSubject: Re: Vengeance and The Rising of Storm!   Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:32 am

Rated rs walks in

Rated Rs: Frw needs me.

Rated Rs shames Mic

Rated Rs walks out

Camera Fades
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Vengeance and The Rising of Storm!
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