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 El Blaze's Tip-Top Tips for RPing

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PostSubject: El Blaze's Tip-Top Tips for RPing   Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:00 am

*El Blaze is smartly dressed in an expensive suit. He is sitting behind a desk in an open area.*

El Blaze: "Greetings, I... am El Blaze, and this is El Blaze's Tip-Top Tips for RPing. There are many vital areas to perfecting an RP, this should help you guys who write mediocre RPs, but what them to steal the the show. Pay close attention to the layout of this RP and that is how it should be formatted."

*El Blaze flings his computer chair backwards, pulls a blackboard from the roof out of nowhere and grabs a piece of chalk.*

El Blaze: "First things first, USE PROPER SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. There's no need for 'stuf lek dis', it should be spelt correctly. Another thing (which annoys me a lot for some reason) is to put spaces after your full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, anything that ends a sentence. It makes it look better and stops confusion."

*El Blaze leans forward on his desk*

El Blaze: "Look at the way this tutorial is formatted. Paragraphs are used, all my writing is in colour except for actions (which are in the "*"). Notice I am writing in one piece."

El Blaze: "I am not writing in different pieces."

El Blaze: "Just like this."

El Blaze: "Which is annoying."

*El Blaze laughs out loud*

El Blaze: "It never hurts to look at other peoples RPs. Mine, EzioMarvels, our General Managers... anything which influences you to make a good RP... oh, and one more thing..."

*El Blaze beings to be serious*

El Blaze: "DO NOT use other people in the federation in your RPs without their permission! I am El Blaze, wishing you the best of luck, farewell!"

*El Blaze falsely neatens a pile of paper while the camera pans out*


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El Blaze's Tip-Top Tips for RPing
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